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Spring Replacement

Got a broken spring?

We at Florida Garage Door Services of Garage Door Spring Repair specialize in repairing and replacing broken overhead garage door springs! 

Broken garage door springs are a major hassle because all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, your garage door is stuck and will no longer open or close. One moment you were ready to take the kids to school or off to work, coffee in hand. The next moment you are trying to detatch the emergency release and open the door manually! Guess what? There is no way you will manually open a 500 pound garage door without the assistance of your spring!

The garage door spring is what basically makes it possible to open your garage door. The opener, motor, doesnt do much to actually pull the door up. If it did, it would probably last a few days and end up a smoking, burnt up mess! thats a lot of weight to pull! The extraordinary torque that is put on the spring when it is installed is what actually "pulls" the door up and does the heavy lifting every time you push your wall button or car remote. When that spring breaks, there is no more assistance by the spring. There is no way the door is going up unless you have a functional spring that is set with the proper torsion.

There are many different kinds, sizes and quality levels of garage door springs. There are residential springs and commercial garage door springs. There are cheap garage door springs that will work for 3 months of average use and there are high quality, high cycle springs that can last for years. Many garage door repair companies try to make the most money by selling you the cheapest, flimisiest springs that will get you up and running but they will not last long at all. Then you will be in the same predicament in only months time, spending more money and waiting on them to come back.

We believe in using very high quality yet affordable garage door springs with professional installation. You get a solid spring that will last much longer and you can rest assured you will not be stuck with a broken spring again anytime soon. We have replaced thousands of garage door springs in the Garage Door Spring Repair area and know exactly how to install the right spring for your garage door.

Call us today and let us show you why we are Garage Door Spring Repair 's Broken Garage Door Spring Specialists! We look forward to your call and providing top notch service, expert garage door spring replacement and low, affordable prices!

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